About Leisuretravelmedia.com

Leisuretravelmedia.com: THE online publisher of e-media for the genuine travel enthusiast.

In all our publications we report on impressions whilst traveling, in text, but at least as important, in photo illustrations. And of course we advise, in writing and by photo-images, where to go on your next journey.

Our goal is to inspire our readers; to let them feel, smell and taste everything a trip offers; to let them know what to expect and to get them well prepared. And to give them all the essential information about how to get there in the most convenient way.

 Our Leisurtravel.com e-portfolio range

*    City breaks

*    Culture & arts

*    Wellness 

*    Hiking

*    Cycling

*    Regional magazine specials (e.g. the first on the Algarve 01 2016)

*    Specials on travel photograph


Key to our portfolio: visual stimulus of our e-mags

Our editorial vision is reason-to-travel based. The key question is: for what specific reason would our audience go to this destination? We look to find that reason, and we show it to our readership.

Our formats are highly based on a visual stimulus. We present leisure travel (destinations) with the key-focus on the use of atmospheric photo-images, thus reaching the audiences instantly and direct, with a high intensity, literally showing the audiences what they will experience and feel.