The magazine for the passionate hiker

The open country is source of eternal beauty. The passionate hiker never get enough of natures treasures and loves to travel to he most appealing hiking destinations. A challenging trail in tha French Alps from one mountain hut to another; hiking tours from the so very familiar hotel; a day walk in the local country side. Our magazine reports on all of those.

Enjoy the hiking hobby in a responsible way manner is of great importance: exactly the right shoes, the best nutrition; the appropriate gear at hand for any change in weather condition.

In our magazine The World of Hiking the true lover of hiking travel with our reporters, as it were. The magzine offers its readers a wide spectrum of hiking destinations. It reports on how enduring, how beautiful and how long a hiking trip is. We write, and at least as important, we show it. Some much in said with the appropriate words, sometimes however no text can describe what exquisite beauty a hiker get to see. The reporters of A World of Hiking take a great honour in telling the destinations whole story in finding the perfect combination of words and photo images, catching it’s divine beauty.





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