The magazine for the lover of city trips

A city trip is a short break. It, however, seems as if you were away form home for ages. To wake up at the sounds of an unknown city. Or by the so familiar church bells close to your favourite Paris, Lisbon or Valencia hotel. During your trip the other city embraces you. You shop till you drop, get inspired by the local musea. You lounge, flirt. And dine most delightful. Copiously, or the local dish sitting at the bar of this lovely café you found.

The magic of trendy Marrakech. Bangkok fascinates. The unexpected beauty of Marseille. Berlin is a true inspiration for the young and the creative amongst us; it’s a bit like Amsterdam, the atmosphere you’ll find. The city of Porto with its unique tradition of Port wines. Cannes got class, without being snobbish. Saint-Tropez is always a true delight, as is New York.

CITIES! Is the must-have magazine for the genuine lover of city breaks. It will tell you all you want to know about the city that you may love to travel to.

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